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1 definition by TheWhiteBoyGfromNYC

A crappy city locatedin central MA. People there think they are hardcore, but they're just a bunch of NYC wannabees. If they are soo tough they can come to Queens,NYC and come kiss my ass! Smells horrible there too
Worcester kids: "Yeah nigga,we so black even tho we white!! Let's go kick some ass!! YEAHHH!!! g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit! We tuff shit. OH shit!! Its those kids from NYC!!! Fuckin hide son! they fuckin REAL G's!!!"
QNZ kids: You wanna start somethin' fake ass mutha fuckas. Take ya white "crips" and "bloods" and get outta here"
WK's:" Oh geez sirs, we didn't mean to disrespect you! Please take our money and leave, even though we are all poor and our parents make only 10 grand a year! Gee Willikers!!!"
by TheWhiteBoyGfromNYC September 06, 2006