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An unspecified sexual act
Oh dear God, I just walked in on my parents wooshing!!!
by Completelyshamelessfangirl June 13, 2010
When the woman is on her monthly bitchyness. And she leaks enormously at one point. Can occur when lifting heavy objects, or at a point when you sneeze.
ACHOOO!! Ohh snapp I'm wooshing big timee!
by RONYYY December 14, 2009
To run around someone, preferably two people walking together, saying "woosh" loudly.
It is more fun when two people woosh together running in opposite directions and then running away.
Works best at Disneyland.
"That little boy with the mickey mouse ears just wooshed me."

"E.dizzle danger and M.dizzle safety love wooshing people."
by M.dizzle Safety August 24, 2008