a wool if often somebody who brands somebody with the money to afford styleish clotheing a townie chav or scum well all the definitoins of townies are true and amusing but im nt a townie cos i wear armani (i cnt spell it lol) or polo sport a townie is some 1 who wears sports were 24/7 a townie listens 2 so soild crew emineme and blazin squad they were pure thick ear rings and reckon there proper soild. a wool is some 1 who shops at asda 24-7 wears asda clotheing and sends der kids 2 a posh comprehensive, they often have a lot of moeny but would sooner send there kid 2 school in crapy clothes and humilate em than splash a few quid 2 make sure they get through edication with some dignaty. townies and wools do not live in liverpool. townies are frm london and manchester. wools are from every were but liverpool. townies and wools couldnt understand hip hop rap or rnb (real music with beat and meaning) it has beat and meaning beacuse you must listen to te lyrics of the song. it may be singing about real life problems or politics. it wont be easy to understand cause of the 'hip hop slang' it uses. wools like pop music busted and girls aloud. they dont write there own songs they dont have a clue. goths have the same listening qulitys as people who like r n b and hip hop there music has good lyrics and beat as well. they are differnt and not sheep like me part frm im nt a goth im nt a ne fin i like rnb an hip hop i wear deisgner clothes dose that make me ne fin but my own self. no it makes me a scouser cos thats wat i am so u gt a problem wif me add me 2 ya hot mail n we will discus it.
oh no dear you cant have lacoste traners like your freinds, hear try these gorge 1s on!
by walshy January 13, 2005
Top Definition
Used by people from Liverpool to describe people from outside the city, though specifically those from areas in close proximity such as the Wirral, St. Helens and parts of Cheshire and Lancashire. People from these areas with similar accents may pretend or act as if they are true Liverpudlians/Scousers.
He likes to pretend he's from Toccy but he's from Chester/St.Helens/Birkenhead the fucking wool!
by realife1989 May 02, 2011
A wool is an uncouth person from the land of St. Helens. Some wools decide to span out and dress equally like us superior Scouse folk, but others choose to be less appealing. The girls all wear Diadora pants and Umbro jumpers hair tied up and huge loopy ear-rings, the lads wear similarly the same but Rockport boots. The lads will think they are hard and usually rabble rouse with the Scousers only to be beaten down and the girls are the most filthiest I have ever encountered. Basically it's not good to be a wool.
Scouser: "Shut up you wool"
Wool: "Fuck off you scouse cunt!"
Wool on the floor unconscious.
by Stephen C Sergeant October 11, 2005
A wool is short for the Liverpool term Wooly Back which is a derogatory expression for people from lancashire and cheshire, originating from the early 1900's when the population of lancashire used to wear a form of sheepskin coat and was considered to be a sheep shagger by scousers.

This of course has not changed much, except the lancashire and cheshire fashion sense has got worse
Wool A liverpool football song from the 1970's goes

Ther's a wolly over there
baggy kecks and feathered hair
with a 3 start jumper half way up his back
thats a f8cking wolly back
by Tommy w October 05, 2005
A woman (from the appearance of pubic hair); Pubic hair
Lets leave -- there's no wool in this club -- it's boy's town.
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
Someone born on and who lives in the Wirral.
Or the name used for a victim, often chanted when something embarrassing happens.
You are a wool.
by Bob Lamen May 18, 2011
Wool can mean many different things, but this definition is about the clothing product. Wool is made from the wool of sheep, and is woven into a fabric. Wool clothing is warmer than any other insulation available for its mass. Sure you can put on a huge coat and several thermal shirts, but you can put on one wool coat and be just as warm while wearing less. Wool is also a very good insulator while wet. Take my word when I say it, I have fallen through ice while ice fishing, and I would have froze to death if i was not wearing my wool coat and wool pants. That is actually what saved my life, because the closest person was 45 minutes away. Wool, get some and you'll probably never go back. Unless you don't like wool.
Wool, its warmer than hell.
by JohnC. December 01, 2011
Women, pussy, ass etc.....
My car can pull more Wool than a spool can fool.
by killakinsey36 July 24, 2009
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