Acronym : Wank Over Old Ladies
" That Johnny, Had A Good WOOL"
#old #sex #elderly #disturbing #sheep
by AOE3WC July 30, 2008
A term used to describe the vagina
Dude, Do you lick wool?
by Brian Henricksen March 03, 2004
challenging someone else to a wrestling match
"come on john you wanna wool"
"i wooled his ass in like 10 seconds"
by NuFoUnDgLrY May 02, 2005
a wool is sum1 hu dreses like dey av neva shoped 4 demselves b4. der aba as important as a leaf.dey wer cloves dat wer fashions from 5 years ago n dat r lyrca strechy fat hugin cloves. der al moon eds n deranged dey av gt mental problems wid der own eds deyve got issuses. dey cal scousers robers bt der da 1s roben of us 4 al r gd shit cos dey aint gt non of im n we av :D
wools an mancs r da same type of species hu luk dres n take da smae so der basicaly dog clones of eachuva
by scousers March 29, 2005
a wool if often somebody who brands somebody with the money to afford styleish clotheing a townie chav or scum well all the definitoins of townies are true and amusing but im nt a townie cos i wear armani (i cnt spell it lol) or polo sport a townie is some 1 who wears sports were 24/7 a townie listens 2 so soild crew emineme and blazin squad they were pure thick ear rings and reckon there proper soild. a wool is some 1 who shops at asda 24-7 wears asda clotheing and sends der kids 2 a posh comprehensive, they often have a lot of moeny but would sooner send there kid 2 school in crapy clothes and humilate em than splash a few quid 2 make sure they get through edication with some dignaty. townies and wools do not live in liverpool. townies are frm london and manchester. wools are from every were but liverpool. townies and wools couldnt understand hip hop rap or rnb (real music with beat and meaning) it has beat and meaning beacuse you must listen to te lyrics of the song. it may be singing about real life problems or politics. it wont be easy to understand cause of the 'hip hop slang' it uses. wools like pop music busted and girls aloud. they dont write there own songs they dont have a clue. goths have the same listening qulitys as people who like r n b and hip hop there music has good lyrics and beat as well. they are differnt and not sheep like me part frm im nt a goth im nt a ne fin i like rnb an hip hop i wear deisgner clothes dose that make me ne fin but my own self. no it makes me a scouser cos thats wat i am so u gt a problem wif me add me 2 ya hot mail n we will discus it.
oh no dear you cant have lacoste traners like your freinds, hear try these gorge 1s on!
by walshy January 13, 2005
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