used as a synonym for weed
- hey u guys have any wool ?
- sure mate a nickle bagful
Noun 1. The term wool is usually restricted to describing the fibrous protein derived from the specialized skin cells called follicles in sheep.

Verb 1. pull the wool over someone's eyes - conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end
'That prick really pulled the wool over your eyes, pal."
by Bolhuelo February 11, 2010
1) NOUN: A term referring to a women, usually used in a way to describe the "end in mind goal," her pussy
--can be used in the phrase "pulling wool" which means "hooking up or spitting game".

--can be used in the phrase "sheering wool" or "staffing the herd" which means "to fuck"
--Plural form of "wool" includes "flock"
--can be used in phrase "to bah'd" which means "to make a girl orgasm loudly and wildly"

2) ADJECTIVE (Wooless): One who lacks the ability to get laid, spit game, or not act like a tool in front of women.

3) ADJECTIVE (Shepherd): A master of the flock, one who spits game like a kid playing candyland or legos. He tends to the herd regularly, and "pulls" all day, everyday.

4) Antonym is billygoat: referred to as a guy
Guy 1: "Hey bro, did you pull wool last night at that party?"

Guy 2: "No man, he didn't; he's wooless

Guy 3: "Fuck you guys, I staffed the herd like a cockaraptor"

Guy 1: "I pulled a flock and saw you nipping at hippie-guys man

Guy 3: "What're you talking about? I sheered that shit squared like a shepherd jackass."

Guy 2: "You staffed a billygoat you sizzledick motherfucker."

Guy 1: "Mine bah'd like your mother."

Guy 3: " watched me nip at hippie-guys?"

Guy 2: "yeah his staff came from your show bro."

Guy 1: "dude, he's my lacrosse-bro, I gotta watch his ass."

Guy 2: "yeah I bet you do, watching it like you're tending your flock, little cunt."
by bamfbrad October 07, 2011
A person from st.helens. scousers tend to rip into them tbh but in all fairness lads from nearby huyton come to us for a bit off class because girls up liverpool are all sluts :)
Scousers often asume we copy them but tbh we would rob you blind as soon as look at you && we dont drink cheap cider on street coners like common whores :)
scouse lad : the girls up eya are all slags yenoo
mate : aye lad lets go to st.helens the girls are all well nice down there
scouse lad : yeah them wools are class laa
by AMZIE May 26, 2008
wools is like the greatest. The best. Sick.
The dude is wools! That cat is so cool, he's a wools.
by Jim the fat cat April 24, 2006
1. A hair like fibre from the fleeces of sheep and other such animals from the Caprinae family. Often used for clothing.

2. None of the above definitions.
1. This jumper is made from wool.
by Dead Deer March 24, 2006
From the Liverpool term 'wooly back'. Even though it was origanally an insult aimed at them, people from the Wirral have taken this word as their own. It is now used commonly by youths in certain Wirral schools to describe an idiot or fool. There is also the use of the 'wool chant', which is used in the same way but it is chanted by many people instead (a good chant needs infusiasm, and needs alot of experience. when done properly the chant ends up sounding like louds of people shouting 'wall', completely independantly,) Many people from the wirral have also started to describe themselves as wools, as a sign of how they are proud to be from the Wirral.
Wool:Meh, the capital of spain is new york
Me: No it isn't you fukin wool!

*wool falls off chair in class*
Kid at back: HA WOOL!
by WOOL February 15, 2006

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