A big peice of linty hair crap that gets stuck to your hat (or other apparel) when you happen to leave it on the living room floor.
It took me an hour to pick off every little woogle on my hat.
by Woogly October 24, 2005
Top Definition
A hideous gangly creature, usually depicted as an emaciated humanoid covered in stripes of assorted colors. It is outfitted with earhorns and a caudal appendage, crooked in posture and personality, hell-bent on being the most kickass piece of tail to hit this side of the broad red barn. Also used to describe person(s) with similar traits, or aspects of 'Woogality/Wooglism'
"Gosh dayum, that's some hot Woogle, johnny."

"The sheer Woogle of it all, it sears my retinas! Shield me with your transforming cyborg pecs, David Hasselhoff!"
by Some undead guy November 29, 2007
Using the Wii's internet browser to google search anything.
My computer just broke down. Looks like I am going to have to Woogle as a last resort.
by The Fat Batman October 13, 2011
When you type a word in a search engine (ie, Google for many of us) and then almost without fail choose the Wikipedia link.
Hold on, let me woogle that!
by Trepidation February 29, 2012
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