When You get in a fight and get hands put to you with only getting 2 or less hits in
OOO Boy, Bob got the WOOD WORKS put on him!

Tom: Did You win your fight?
Bob: No I got the WOOD WORKS
by D-rock08 April 02, 2007
Top Definition
The 'underground'; refers to ilegal activity.
The FBI thought that Montenegro was as good as theirs, but he faded into the woodwork before they found him.
by Diggity Monkeez February 04, 2005
Term for the uprights (goal posts) and crossbar in football (soccer). Taken from the days when the goal structure was made from wood.
I slalomed past 3 defenders then deftly rounded the goal keeper only to have my world class finish soundly denied by the woodwork.
by _rr November 01, 2011
To get it in; A male referring to having sex with a female.
Yo, Bruh, you seen Mia. I think she's feeling me, I'm bout to give her that woodwork.
by JBA000 February 24, 2012
money, also known as paper..since paper is made from trees which is wood.
Billy- You still askin yo mama fo money?

Skeety D- Yea mayne but i gotta get a job so i can make dis WOOD WORK
by reil May 12, 2008
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