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A school which was unfortunately opened in 1996 and has possibly the highest number of sexual violations (many involving staff) in the Metro Atlanta area. From coaches banging cheerleaders to various forms of sexual harassment from the teachers, to girls sending pictures of their tits to their boyfriends (which then seem to somehow spread around the entire school), it's safe to say that Woodstock High School is a walking STD.
Typical conversation at Woodstock High School-

Guy 1- "Dude, did you see Victoria's tits?"

Guy 2- "Psh, that pair spread around two weeks ago... I got Shayli's on my phone now"
by SvenAlexander July 21, 2010
a school named woodstock, whose mascott is a wolverine. woodstock football is amazing and etowah eagles suck wolverine .....=P
do you go to woodstock high school?
hell yea!!!
by no-one-knows! August 28, 2008
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