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1. Australian term for someone who is similar to a bogan.
They can be easily identified by their bad haircuts (may have long hair) and attire as they wear items like flanelette shirts and boots.
They generally can be found in rural or semi rural areas, they are simple uncivilised people that enjoy thinks like drinking inexpensive piss, doing burn outs in cars or on motorbikes, burning stuff, shooting, and watching motorsport.
2. Arrogant solidly built male frequenting nightclubs in a group with his mates. An irratating, full of himself person at the bar. Even the most reserved of people with feel like punching his lights out. Wears tight and small t-shirts, usually pink or another similar femine colour.
1. "Did you see that bogan go past in that heap of shit car?... What a Wood chopper!"
2. I don't like this nightclub, its always full of guys chopping wood.
by Ice Jackson July 18, 2006
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