1. Nickname for a tall, lanky pale white kid.

2. Can be used as a substitue for boner.
Bill: Did you see that tall white kid?
Jim: Oh you mean that woner.
by gunitcoach May 03, 2005
Top Definition
A woman boner

Men get boners when they're horny, Women get woners.

You can not see a woner, it is simply a way to communicate female sexual arousal.
Woman: "Wow, hes dead sexy, I got a woner as soon as he walked in.."

Woman#2: "Heck yes, and did you see his friend? Sha-wing!!"
by KDanger406 June 10, 2010
Arousal from delicious homemade waffles.
These homemade waffles are so delicious I'm getting a woner.
by Woner mistress June 13, 2013
A weed related Boner.
Often in a daydream state a Woner will arise. Very Very desirable.
by silver_surfer42 June 23, 2010
A person who goes to WoN.
He is a WoNer!!
by Draxamus June 04, 2003
A weak boner. That semi-limp erection that often precedes or follows sexual arousal/activity. Sometimes it's just kinda there.
I jacked off three hours ago, but his fuckin' woner won't go away!
by sweatypillows December 10, 2009
A boner you get at work. Not always a desirable thing. Often arises from a work-based achievement.
"Sick post effects, bro! They're giving me a woner!"
by GreenLion April 29, 2010
A fat, ugly girl. Usually pasty white with low self esteem.
Man, Tori sure is a WoNer.
by Narakina November 30, 2005
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