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Usually means awesome, fabulous, wonderful...stuff to that effect. It has a German origin. Can be used sarcastically.
Example #1
Dude 1- "Wonderbar. I just finished my term-paper!"

Example #2
Dude 1- "I broke your table last night after we got drunk."
(Akward pause)
Dude1- "Well...I'll see ya." (runs off)
Dude 2- "Wonderbar"
by Lolli9192 October 13, 2009
A new way to say Wonderful.
The movie was wonderbar.
by Scarlet February 12, 2005
An L-shaped prybar similar to a crowbar, but is made of flattened steel. Has notches on each end like a crowbar, but also has a teardrop-shaped hole in the middle for pulling nails. Is very useful for both construction and industrial work.
Hand me that wonder bar so I can get this goddamn nail out!
by Fat & Furious May 11, 2015

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