when ur girl is going down town on you like no other, but you pull out and cum onto her forehead. slap on a bandana covering the goop and she then stands up in dismay but resembles wonder women.
when ur girl is giving you a knob nibble and gasps for air but tells you to warn her when you cum... tell her when its gunna go down and cum all over her forehead. grab a bandana (pre-folded)and slap it on her forhead. that way its stuck on there and she gets off her knees stands and puts her arms rested on her hips pissed at you not knowing she is posing like "WONDER WOMEN" and at that moment of her pose say Wonder women as they say in the movies and all.
by Rubix_Q August 08, 2007
The Wonder Woman is a true form of art. It takes time and skill to master it. It's when a guy jizzes on a girls boobs in the shape of a W (preferably while she is awake, but it can also be fun if she is asleep) and on the wet cum you sprinkle glitter or food crumbs. When you are finished there should be a clear W on your chick's rack. Eating or licking the art is optional. The creation will typically last 1-2 days. Always ask the lucky lady if she wants food or glitter, because some women find the glitter itchy. GOOD LUCK
Charlie: Sup Dee Dee how was your night?

Dee Dee: Amazing. My boyfriend ripped my shirt off and squirted me in the shape of a W. He took the glitter and sprinkled it all over my chest. For some additional zest he poured on some Old Bay.

Charlie: Dee Dee I am so jealous! You just got WONDER WOMANED!!!!
by woner24/7 April 19, 2011
A big ass nasty camel-toe in the shape of the "Wonder Woman" symbol. (a 'W')
Tristan: "Damn, look at her camel-toe.
Chelsi: "Yeah, now there's a Wonder Woman for ya!"
by JizzOnMePlz November 19, 2011
A girl who whips guys before, during, or after sex.
Dude, i told my girlfriend to wonder woman me tonight during when we go at it.
by Bearman October 22, 2007
A woman who uses a whip to punish guys. She has all of the same powers of the super hero but she uses them on a man kinda like a donna matrix.
Be good and do what i say or im gonna have to get wonder woman on your ass!
by Mr. Al from mbs October 19, 2007
Is a, usual, beautiful girl, who is usually a VERY talented singer, casually referred to as Melanie and strip tease artist. She has a perfect body and is just the sexiest, most beautiful, most perfect creature (aside from very few other female names). She is destined to be with, with no exception of such things as free will, or choice, a man named Andrew forever. She has a cold nose like a kitten. And is a skilled guitar Player.
"Man Wonder Woman is so hot, I bet you hundreds of people would argue over her on facebook!"

"Foxes Mate for Love, Because They're In Love, Like Wonder Woman and Andrew"

"Hey! Did you see that cool Paranoid Android Wonder Woman just got! I think she called it Samson"

Andrew: The Wonder Woman girl is Wonderful, I'm going to ask her to merry me someday!
by PleasePLeae January 29, 2009
To give a girl a donkey punch when doing it doggy style and then ejaculate on her back then pressing the sheets to her shoulders to give her a cape when she wakes up.
So my girlfriend said she had a child hood fantasy of being a superhero so I gave her the wonder woman last night
by The Great Blumkin June 24, 2009

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