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Is a, usual, beautiful girl, who is usually a VERY talented singer, casually referred to as Melanie and strip tease artist. She has a perfect body and is just the sexiest, most beautiful, most perfect creature (aside from very few other female names). She is destined to be with, with no exception of such things as free will, or choice, a man named Andrew forever. She has a cold nose like a kitten. And is a skilled guitar Player.
"Man Wonder Woman is so hot, I bet you hundreds of people would argue over her on facebook!"

"Foxes Mate for Love, Because They're In Love, Like Wonder Woman and Andrew"

"Hey! Did you see that cool Paranoid Android Wonder Woman just got! I think she called it Samson"

Andrew: The Wonder Woman girl is Wonderful, I'm going to ask her to merry me someday!
by PleasePLeae January 29, 2009
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