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A term that is be used to refer to one's twin.
Holden:"So, is Ashley your girlfriend?"
Mary-Kate:"No, she is my wombmate."
by The Baron Von Snowboard April 13, 2006
Usually meaning twins, but can mean any number of siblings born at the same time. Play on words of "roommate".
Person 1: Hey, Dave and Doug look similar. Are they cousins?
Person 2: Nah, they're just womb-mates.
by Limpfish June 11, 2008
A pair of twins that subsequently go on to live as roommates.
We figured since we managed to get along so well in such a small space for 9 months, it would be easy to become wombmates again.
by rockingyourdime June 09, 2009
Twins that derive from separately fertilized ova and that have different genetic makeup. Fraternal twins. Twins that do not look alike.
Me and my twin sister don't look alike so we are not twins we are womb mates
by majikmomma February 22, 2010
Surrogate woman chosen by an infertile woman
You can't get pregnant...so you choose a womb mate to carry your embryo to term.
by L Repton May 10, 2008
Two guys that have had sex with the same girl.
Sheila slept with me last year and Kyle last week making us wombmates.
by damixer November 15, 2008