A fart/queef combo so vile, it can only have originated from the deepest bowels of a woman's uterus. It combines the smells associated with a regular fart -- one that begins in the colon and slides past some poo to eventually exit the anus -- with whatever gasses are generated inside a woman's menstruating womb. These two mixtures are expelled at the same time and the meet in the world to form a very unhappy union. Wombers smell bad.
Ann Marie, was that you? Next time you're going to drop a womber like that, let me know so I can get my hazmat suit.
by The Gamehole January 07, 2010
Top Definition
The expulsion of internal gasses via the anus and vagina contemporaneously. A fart plus a queef expelled in unison resulting in a terrible stench worse than any fart or queef alone.

Generally requires the wombing female to have recently ingested a chili filled bread bowl and cheap alcohol within weeks of frequent unprotected vaginal intercourse with unhygienic/unemployed sexual partners whose semen was left to decompose within her ample vagina.

The smell is so foul that it is presumed to incubate deep within the body, hence the root word 'womb'.

Although most frequently used as a noun (i.e. a womber), may also be used as a verb (i.e. "She has been wombing all night.")
That girl at Gen Con just dropped a womber so foul that we all almost vomited.

Did someone just burn a pile of rotting skunk fetuses? No, the woman in the Bon Jovi t-shirt eating a taco just released a womber.
by Amerigo Vespucci von Rodney January 07, 2010
verb. To walk around drunk or high, looking like a retard.
Karl: Dude, where's John?
Mason: I don't know man, probably wombering back home after that party.
Karl: Lmao he always zooted after parties.
by PhiAmy February 05, 2012
a word for a friends that u love but he/she does not know it yet
my friend is my womber
by thimbalina May 31, 2007
n. woman
Those fucking wombers are bitching again.
by ohhai2u February 01, 2009
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