A group of friends that are bounded together by loyalty ,love and respect of each other .A wolfpack can have a mix of boy and girls . Once in a wolfpack you are truly devoted to your pack and will do anything and everything for them .It is normal that the wolfpack to be over protect over each other .
Person 1: see those group of people over there they're so connected and protective of each other

Person 2 : Yea they must be a wolfpack
by KillerBRAND July 06, 2013
A group of four individuals who run around the desert together in Las Vegas looking for strippers and cocaine. Wolf Packs are also known to consume shots of J├Ągermeister on the roof of Caesar's Palace.
So there were two of us in the Wolf Pack, I was alone first in the pack, and then Doug joined in later... and 6 months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought, "wait a second, could it be?" and now I know for sure... I just added two more guys to my Wolf Pack.
by GibsonPure April 18, 2010
A group of gentleman; often referred to as a firm. They often get into fights and mack on the ladies to raise the Wolf-Pack rep. The Wolf-Pack does not discriminate especially when it comes to asian-honeys. The leader of the Wolf-Pack is solely dependent on the Spokane Star System (4th edition). No Wolf-Pack member is ever left behind.
Cameron- "Wolf-Pack is here!!"

Daniel- "This party is now legit."
by Jew-Fro-Kasey November 04, 2009
The wolfpack is a small group of pretty female people. Moreover the group has not more than 10 members, which are trust each other absolutely.

You can observe them in their natural environments like pubs, clubs and (the important place) housepartys. If you would like to survive a meeting with the pack you should carry always some bottles of cheap wodka!
by TheChickenWing January 06, 2014
A group of punk rock kids on the streets and generally homeless. It is a term which is included in the below animal to people reference on the streets.

Bird = dames, broads, or girls (chicks) - also why being called "daffy" is an insult to a guy)

Cat = a guy always preying on birds (hepcat)

Dog = a guy who cats are afraid of. (where my dogs at)

Wolf = a guy a dog is afraid of (generally in packs)

Skunk = a dirty, lewd street punk (generally from CA)

Rat = short for street rat
You **** with him you **** with a wolf pack.

Rancid Album - And out come the Wolves
by Saxe2600 July 29, 2009
Two best friends, no matter how far away, will always be there for each other.
Jordan: I cant believe you're leaving

Sami: Its okay, we're in a wolf pack, Ill always be here for you.
by #blackmamba July 27, 2014
A large group of senior citizens that come in on a bus and complain about everything.
I was a the Manchester Shoprite on Sunday morning when the wolf pack arrived. They brought all the medicated powder, Bengay, and prune juice.
by xxxxxxxxxxxx September 23, 2005

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