A mother you WOUDN'T like to fuck.

We all know a cougar is an older woman who goes for younger man, and a milf is a mother you would like to fuck, so it follows that a miWlf turns into wolf.
"This wolf with two kids asked me to her house for dinner tonight..."
by rabidjellyfish July 11, 2009
Wolf-A girls hairy vagina.
He did you see Meridith's wolf in that photo ?
by Randy Wolfenstein December 07, 2010
something you say when you are digusted by:
1. someones appearance
2. displeased or in discontent
3. when wondering to yourself "BITCH, what the fuck did you think comin out the house lookin like u been throught hurricane Katrina!"
4. when you are being looked up and down by a bitch ass pussy ass hoe.
5.when someone thinks they are "the Shit"
6. or...when simply looking at someone and wondering WHY???
Girl1- walks by with 3 pounds of makeup on her face wearing a tank top with saggin ass titties.
Girl2- walks by and says WOLF!!! to herself and her friends outloud!!!
by 236sjs February 04, 2010
(verb) to clean up a situation, to make shit that is out-of-hand wrong, right again.

origin: Pulp Fiction character portrayed by Harvey Kietel "You ain't got no problem, Jules. I'm on the motherfucker. Go back in there, chill them niggers out and wait for the Wolf who should be coming directly."
"She walked right in on us, I don't think I'm going to be able to wolf this one."
by They call me "The Kid" December 02, 2007
Noun - A man who thinks he is amazing and has alot of one night stands
Verb - To wolf is to go out looking for girls at clubs that you want nothing to do with in the future, just for one night of sex
God, he's such a wolf. Get away from him

Oh great, i know he's going to wolf again tonight
by The.Happy.Emo July 06, 2006
a guy who likes girls on the outside and guys in the inside
yo thats mans been eyeballin u i think hes a wolf
by Gage211 December 30, 2007
Wolves are part of the k-9 family.To humans they are dangerous even thoghg there has been no reportsof wolves attakin' humans.They run in packs rangin' in 20 to 30 wolves in each pack.The packs can be made of many family members.Now they are few in the wild but there are places where wolves are bein' brought bac into the wild.
Wolves hunt down elk,deer, and some other animals.
by Gabby January 18, 2004

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