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A combination of alcoholic beverages and orange juice in a wok. It is a cocktail contained within a wok to allow for greater volumes of alcohol. A good woktail will consist largely of smirnoff vodka (1/2 ltr approx) with at least 3 differnt largers, 2 further spirits and wine mixed in. Fill remaining wok space with orange juice and enjoy.
What we gonna do with all this vodka n shit? Woktail!
by jizmo May 09, 2007
An event that occurs when you mix a room full of students dressed as alice in wonderland characters,enough alcohol to destroy a irishman's liver, a wok, and plastic cups
*crashes and screams can be heard*
"Dude, whats going on in there?"
"The Queen of hearts is having a leathal woktail"
by Albi the Racist Dragon November 12, 2008
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