Bizzare noise made by Att. (See Att)
Look!! It's an Att! Maybe it will say "Woff" and digest us!!!
by Dexter November 19, 2004
Top Definition
When a nasty smell blankets an entire area.
After Sandy visited the bathroom, a disgusting stench woffed through the entire house.
by Kb1207 November 22, 2014
Completely unrelated to the word woof. It's like, when you're really messed up on drugs, and you start rambling and saying a bunch of stupid crap, you invent new words. Woff is one of those words. It has nothing to do with anything.
(While under the influence of drugs) I feel woff. Woff. Don't forget the woff, I have feeling 'bout woff.
by Jakobo April 23, 2004
A wannabe goth, A woff, Someone who acts depressed, shows no emotion and listen's to screamo, claming its goth, also does not own any goth clothes but says their clothes are goth when their not.
"Hey look at this band their so goth! *shows screamo band or punk band* Also ive got some bright red jeans coming in the mail soon, ill be so goth" A woff
by Ihatewemos January 04, 2012
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