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A Woddy is a social classing which is also referred to as unclassable, or 'casual', which does not see the point of other classes. Their general style is to wear clothing not branded a class, and sometimes to branch out into original clothing such as flame shirts.

Woddy's generally have an obsession with fire, dragons and violence, among other things. They are also very random and will often use this to their advantage in sporting contests.

Woddy's normally have a strong hatrid for emos and chavs, and will make a key point of it, normally in the form of twatting them.
Guy 1: Hey is that guy a chav?
Guy 2: Who, Ben? No he's a Woddy.
Guy 1: Oh alright then. Would you like me to count to.. 53?
Guy 2: Err.. No.
by Dave(thepunkyone) December 29, 2005
a casual guy who is obsesed with the gr8 band MUSE...and am sure alot of people will agree with him that MUSE ROCK!!!
MUSE are the best band eva
by danny December 02, 2004
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