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acronym for "whore in training".

a generation of kids, (generally pre-teens), who feel that they are older than they actually are.
easily noticed by their attire, which consists of, but is not limited to:
North Face Jackets, clothing from American Eagle, and UGG boots.
"Last night at the movie theater, there were like 10 WITs trying to get into Twilight."
by Anna Ford and Ben Floyd February 02, 2009
The Trystan way of saying "What."
1. Wit you want?
2. Wit you looking at?
3. Wit? Wit? Do you wanna die? Cause I'll throw you off the balcony.
by Sara Frye April 20, 2005
an abbreviation of "What is True" used by graffiti writer Slyce next to his tag to show He is in T.C. or True Crew.
Wit means what is true.
by Slyce November 19, 2006
noun; a delicious belgian white ale flavored with corriander seed and orange peel. Wit has high alcohol frequently due to added sugars, most notably belgian 'candi' sugar (a beet sugar).
Blue Moon is a delicious, but mass produced, belgian wit beer.
by Mattsolit February 23, 2006
whore in training
"did you see those freshman girls in their hooker clothes?"
"yea, they look like total wits"
by Kari September 09, 2003
Short for What it Takes.
You got what it takes. #team-wit
by Ryan Wenturine July 28, 2005
As us italains use it, it is a similified version of with
I got da burger wit...um......... da lettuce stuff
by Erik Abrahamson June 27, 2003
A teenage girl(usually in high school), who is training to become a Riding staff at a Girl Scout camp. They work long, hard hours at the Stables, saddling and mucking horse stalls. They have few chances of actually riding a horse, or showering. Very closely related to a CIT, but specialize in horses. They like to be fed yummy food every now and then.
WITS, they are Witty!
The WITs have to go to the stables now.
by Minty the WIT July 30, 2007