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When two men fight over the same girl a la the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. Whoever breaks off the bigger piece wins and the loser goes home, wishing he was the one boning her.
John and Steve were wishboning over Bethany last night.
by Elder Morgan February 21, 2012
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The act of two gentlemen inserting erect penis' into the same orifice may it be A, V or Nostril in a parallel fashion (side by side). They will then shuffle away from each other slowly until one member slips (or 'Boings') out.

The one that remains burrowed makes a wish.
oh well! why fight over one hole lets just do some wishboning!
by Enya J January 11, 2012
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Same as "scissoring" except it involves two old ladies. The shape,smell, and brittleness of the lower bodies resemble that of Thanksgiving wishbones.
While at the retirement home, Henry witnessed two hot gilfs wishboning in the suana.
by blue magoo November 17, 2007
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