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To take life as it comes, to view things in a practical light. Also to mercilessly diss things which deserve it.
If you carry on Wisemaning, Mr Black will kill you


Oh, bit of a Wiseman there.
by ed. November 09, 2004
In poker, three kings.
He cracked my pocket rockets with the wisemen.
by Coell May 12, 2005
(noun) - A person who posts derogatory entries on, typically based on someone's name. A "Wiseman" is typically very passive-aggressive and is unable to discuss his or her feelings and issues with those whom have upset them, instead resorting to the aforementioned act of posting derogatory remarks.
Did you hear that Joe posted a nasty entry about Frank on because Frank pissed him off today? Man, Joe is such a Wiseman, he just needs to grow up.
#cock gobbler #child #passive-aggressive #veil of anonymity #loser
by bronzeback February 04, 2010
A guy who was a hippie in the 1960's hippie generation and who now has joined the neohippie movement. So called because he has a lot of experence with being a hippie in the 1960's to pass along to second hippie generation.
John's dad's a wise man he was at the first woodstock.
#hippie #neohippie #generation wild #neohippie movement #gothic hippie #love in #porn generation #rainbow family #rainbow week.
by Deep blue 2012 April 06, 2010
fettish for feet
especially guys
Don't invite keith over he is a foot loving wiseman
#james #wiseman #james wiseman #feet #foot #guys feet #weird #odd #creepy #racist #sadist #s&m
by keith gurlach December 08, 2007
A camel-toe.
OMG, look at that girl's Wiseman!
#wise #man #camel #toe #gross
by hattymegan April 06, 2009
Weird awkward asian kid, possibily a loner. Will sometimes play chess with himself outside even in the harshest canadian winter weather.Prone to be used as the center focus of a joke.
Looks wise. But, in truth deeply disturbed.
HA! Look at wise man. It's fucking minus 30 and he playing chess.

"Trr ta ta ta", wise man

"Whaaa, what's the probleme?", wise man
by anonymous April 07, 2005
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