A very common trait found on Women from Wisconsin. Believe it or not, it is usually not a bad thing. The majority of the bearers of the Wisconsin Long Ass can be attractive or at least do-able if you're drunk, similar to the Texas Big Forehead.

The origin of the long ass is still a mystery. The most common theory that is accepted by the majority of geneologists surrounds the German roots of many Wisconsinites. The Krauts who inhabit the state are descendants of an agrarian society from the Old Country where the milkmaids would sit on a stool all day milking cows, thereby causing their asses to become lengthy and flat. This trait was eventually passed onto future generations, and can now be seen on Women from Milwaukee, Green Bay, Port Washington, Wauwatosa, Sheboygan, Germantown, Cedarburg, Brookfield and Mequon, to name a few.

Some in the scientific community have have even suggested that the Wisconsin Long Ass is a distant relative genetically to the Arizona Long Torso (a Woman bearing this trait is most commonly referred to as being "Top-Tall"). This, as you can imagine has ignited a firestorm of controversy.

As mentioned before, most bearers of the Wisconsin Long Ass are hot, unlike chicks with the Minnesota Wide Ass or the Illinois Dumpy Ass (Vikings and Bears football sucks, go Packers).
Dude #1: (viewing an attractive female, from the front) "Wow, check out that broad."

Dude #2: (Seeing her turn around and therefore getting an eyeful of her long ass) "Yeah but look at that extremely lengthy Wisconsin Long Ass."

Dude #1: "Come on man that is a small price to pay, she's got a great rack and a decent face!"
by AZWildcats10 November 07, 2007
A distinct type of ass mainly found on women from Wisconsin.
There was tons of that great Wisconsin Long Ass at Summerfest this year. Life in Wisconsin is all about Packers, Miller Lite, and Long Ass. Who invited all the Wisconsin Long Ass to the party?
by Sir J August 07, 2007

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