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Wirtz-y {werts-ee} noun, adjective, -ier, -iest


1. The dark, mischievious and festive alter ego of Aaron Wirtz.
2. One who needs medication.


1. Utter lack of self control.
3. Heated, misguided temper and obstreperous vocal abilities
2. Despicable.

—Synonyms 1. ADHD, 2. Asshole, 3. SWM seeks SWM for BDSM
-Acronyms 1. Composed, 2. Calm, 3. Tactful
"That Wirtzy is one hilarious mother fucker" - Div. Chief Tully

"Jutin went all fuckin' Wirtzy on that bouncer last night"

"You're acting Wirtzy son ... lets take you to Dr. Nick and get some Ritalin."
by Ryan (Q) / Russ November 09, 2006
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