This "sport" is an extension of colorgaurd. Though the "competitors" are dedicatated, they still manage to suck shit straight from the asshole of every cheerleader. Even the fat-ass one. The girls/fag-mo boys in this programme seem, at least to me, to be the cheerleader rejects. Usually homosexual (earning them the title FLAGGET) many of the baton twirling bags of anal dousch are either Morbidly obese or obscessed with such faggetry as pokemon/yougeeho (or however the fucking koreans spell it)or magic trading card games, or at least have SPED boyfriends who are. However they don't seem to notice that they are the laughing stock of the entire school. More People pay attention to Operation Social Change (yet another gaping, stinky cock garage in between the legs of society) than to the poorly performed dance routine of these ass tards. Where I'm from, the audience doesn't hesitate to launch projectiles from the top row of the bleachers at the skid-mark who has their toy wooden rifle smack them in the face as it twirls to the ground. Haha it makes me laugh just thinking about it. Back in Veitnam we used to juggle the bullet ridden skulls of Veit Cong infantry as Charlie's 84mm incindiary devices erupted in the trees above us. Try that!
~Haha that fat Winterguard fag just knocked herself out.
~Yeah i think she tried to catch the flag in her mouth.
~maybe if it tried to do that she might have caught it in her hands. Haha
by mahmoud ahmadinejad August 17, 2007
Top Definition
This is an extention of Colorguard. Members wear massive amount of Makeup and Interesting Costumes to portray emotion and perform prerecorded music. This is one of the hardest things you can do.
We Dance better than the Dance Team (DUH) and Spin gracefully or Fastley a Flag, Rifle, Sabre.
by Bridget October 04, 2004
An extremely difficult sport in which usually teenage girls dress up in various manners and perform infront of many people. In some winterguards, members have very simple makeup, others, more extravagent makeup. The winterguard members can use flags, rifles, sabres, and sometimes maces (flags on chains). The winterguard is an extension of colorguard.
"Our winterguard theme this year is White Houses by Vanessa Carlton."
"I am using a sabre and flag in our performance."
by the AwEsOmE one February 21, 2005
like fall colorguard, except inside and the music doesn't get messed up : )
Winterguard is so much better than fall colorguard
by a1 April 18, 2005
a group of girls and guys that spin flag, rifle, and sabre... and show up those conceited cheerleaders and queerleaders
winterguard is tougher than cheerleading...
by guardfish March 10, 2009
an indoor sport which is flag rifle saber and dance routines to music on a CD...
WINTER GUARD people are so awesome... and the ones from hawaii are the best...!
by JuS1o April 13, 2005
Colorguard after field season and football games. Most likely made up of(high school groups are made of these): the group of girls that were in cologuard during field season, band members that are tired of sitting their asses in a chair and just play an instrument because theres no more marching band after 1st semester and they have to take P.E again if they happen to be required to take P.E at their grade level, some random people who just happen to spin stuff really well and learn very quickly, and kids who were transfered from another school who either have been on another guard or just claim that they were.

Not all winterguard shows have heavy makeup because their coaches think it unnecessary,unconfortable, and/or expensive.

Girl 1: OMG that winterguard show was awesome!
Girl 2: Yeah i saw it too. Did you see that saber toss? it spun like a milion times!
Girl 1: Yeah, that was like the best part!
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
An intense sport combining the dance of colorguard, with the inner-dragon of karate!
Person 1: Where are you going?
Person 2: Winterguard! It's the coolest!
by Shelby D. Foote February 11, 2010
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