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a time where school is out for almost a month and during that time miracles happen and love and magic is in the air. the truth is reveled. after winter break you feel like anything is possible....
during winter break he called me at around 1 a.m on december 22, 2007 and finally he told me that he loved me! i've loved that boy since 3rd grade!

by loveem since March 08, 2009
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1) A 2-3 week period in which teenagers and young adults attending college have time to do homework or slack off.

2) A good time to think about your life and if you really want to change anything.

3) A good time to think about impressing your crush or just keep on having a secret crush on him/her.
1) It is winter break, let's play Black Ops and do homework tomorrow

2) It winter break, do I really want to be a Doctor?

3) Damn I should join Track and run a 11 second 100 meters. Then I'm sure Tiffany will like me.
by all quite on the eastern front December 13, 2010
A time so joyful and relaxed that you don't have to change your socks for 2 days at a time
I slept for 14 hours straight during Winter Break!
by FryTimE January 03, 2015

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