A girl with brown hair and light sparkly blue eyes, kind of a ditz and desnt know much "sexualy" she loves to laugh alot and is very sweet she acts younger then she is but is very pretty she loves to listen and likes to dance she is smart and has a quiet voice
Boy 1: hey i just met Winter
Boy 2: oh shes such a little girl
by windixy88 May 15, 2013
What I Need To Expect Results
Preparing for WINTER Online!
by turnkeytips December 08, 2010
Named after a man named David Winters from a quaint seaport village in Maryland, the expression "winters" or "pulling a winters" refers to those situations where an individual makes a blatantly homosexual comment and immediately back peddles or tries to play it off as a joke.
"Hey did you hear that blatantly homosexual comment David made and tried to play off as a joke?" "Yea, David certainly pulled a winters on us."
by some one from somewhere August 11, 2007
Winters is an elderly man or woman with long nose hairs. Winters families are very intelligent, but due to the extent their hairiness, they are unable to leave their own home due crowd invasion and mocking.
"Watch out here comes a Winters"
"Damn your as creepy as a Winters!"
"If you don't pluck your nose hairs you'll turn into a Winters for sure."
by Emma Winters July 03, 2008
The time of year when indoor Drumline and Colorguard start. No marching band or anything. Just Winterguard and Winter Percussion. A lot less hectic than Fall, but a lot more friendlier because everyone already has something in common, being either in Drumline or Colorguard, which are a lot less smaller than marching band.

Instead of marching outdoors on the street or field, it's all indoors. While not as hectic, it's still a lot of work, and totally worth it.
Guy 1: When are tryouts for Winter? I'm really excited to try out for Tenors!
Guy 2: Next week. I'm trying out for Bass.
Other 142 people: We're doing Snare!
by brian707 November 22, 2009
A woman who doesnt care, emotionless. Doesnt look for love has shutdown emotionally
Stephanie has been hurt so many times she's as cold as winter now, smell me?
by Dear Summer January 29, 2007
paris hilton wanna be! she is extremly barbie like, hetrosexual,birth day in augest, eyes brown, slutty brunette. part vietnamese nick name: OH = HO, shhh.... real bitch. loves cows. kinda neat freak, thinks guys named will is sexy, just saying the name brings (wet orgasm)loves the mall!!!!
OMG stop talking about will!!!!
by Yeah, its got a hemi June 11, 2005

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