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Very loyal friend got your back until you die, hardworking, and ambitious looking to achieve in life not trying to be a lame, and you can always depend on him.
no need for an example lets just say Winson is Amazing
by killvilliebeast247 July 02, 2009
255 71
Winson is usually a handsome and cute boy who loves to have sex.
Winson I'mma get some girls then fuck them
by KIDMAN1111 February 14, 2011
114 20
Name for a person. Not literally a name but rather two words combined to form this name. People with this name usually have a real name, this is rather a nickname. Possess a confident, mysterious and cool attitude, has a certain weakness for sunlight and sweets.
Winson is rarely seen outside, mostly indoors or under a shade.
by 983724we May 09, 2011
65 9
A short little asian guy usually with a small penis likes to have sexual intercourse with big fat black girls. Boys with the name Winson is usually gay, if not he would just have intercourse with boys for the hell of it. Winsons' are usually the type you shouldn't have sex or be friends with.
Guy 1 : Did you see that Winson across the street?
Guy 2 : Yeah he totally drunk sex'd me yesterday night.
Guy 1 : NICE!
by JetOff January 19, 2009
70 183