This petite beauty has graced the screen throughout the nineties and beyond. She is also one of those characters who make Hollywood special, in a nice way.
"Winona Ryder is a class act. Her innate gifts and unusual beauty are indisputable" Stephen Rebello

"She has a poetic beauty" James Woods
by Sarah421 June 22, 2005
Amazing, talented, gorgeous actress.
Makes life worth living.
Me: I have every movie Winona Ryder has ever been in!
by Sarah Röse September 18, 2007
An actress/kleptomaniac who's easy on the eyes.
Winona: I'd like to ride her.
by Exitium June 18, 2004
/win-noh-nah rhi-der/ adjective

Something yelled out by a Call Of Duty online multiplayer when he steals a non-detonating care package before the other team can collect it. This is referring to actress Winona Ryder being arrested for theft in 2001. It also refers to a comedy skit by Dave Chappelle in which people yell out a sports star or celebrity’s name prior to duplicating a heinous or despicable act they are famous for committing.
“Winona Ryder! Oh sweet! I just stole an assault drone.”
by PDX Pilot 1 November 03, 2013
to steal something.
Man i can't believe you jsut pulled a winona ryder from Gadzook's.
by nappyafrochik April 23, 2003
A chick who's clearly guilty of kleptomania but is cute enough to get away with it.
Judge: "Well, you're clearly guilty of robbing this bank, but you're cute.. a bit of a Winona Ryder type deal, really. So I'll reduce your setence by 3/4."
by I'm not bitter! August 19, 2004
To be a clepto and proud of it!
The epitome of something that looks so sweet and doe-eyed, while all the meanwhile commiting crimes punishable under law. Winona is one bad-ass chick
Winona Ryder could march into that courtroom modeling the Marc Jacobs spring line, but when i was caught stealing gum i passed out in fear that i would be spending the rest of high school behind bars
by CouRtney June 04, 2004

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