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(N.) The name that will always be a synonym for "Beautiful Cleptomaniac." Her thievery (Ever notice how hard it is to spell that word?) skills could use some work, though.
I Salute Winona Ryder for her thievery! Winona Ryder, you are a Clepto like us.
by G-Union 2 September 11, 2004
1) noun; an actress with no talent who is given too much credit for her shitty work
2) noun; a person who shoplifts and calls it research
3) verb; "to pull a winona"; to shoplift and, when caught, claim it was for research
Everyone else on this page: "Winona Ryder is the most beautiful and intelligent person on the planet. She's also very cool"
Me: "You're on crack."

Mall Security Guard 1: "Yeah, I caught me a Winona earlier."
Mall Secutity Guard 2: "Same old, same old."

Cellmate 1: "What are you in for?"
Cellmate 2: "I pulled a Winona."
Cellmate 1: "Yeah, that shit never works."
by Monkeysquat March 14, 2005