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1) A sore loser

2) More generally, one who comes from a background of social privilege and therefore feels a sense of entitlement while simultaneously being an object of general ridicule.

(from the Winklevoss brothers, who continued to sue Mark Zuckerberg even after receiving a 65 million-dollar settlement in the Facebook case)
I wouldn't work with another Harvard boy, that last one was such a winklevoss he tried to sue me for defamation after I criticized his work in committee.
by phoobo December 06, 2010
Lazy-ass, deal breaking bastards; settlers' remorse
I've been Winklevossed! My ex-wife broke our divorce financial settlement; she thinks i'm worth 10x as much!

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss found a skeptical audience when they tried to persuade a U.S. appeals court to let them out of a $65 million settlement over the founding of online social network Facebook. The saga of the Winklevoss twins and Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has become silver screen lore with the release of the film "The Social Network" last year.
by Springbreaker January 11, 2011
The art of using one's eyelashes to perform butterfly kisses on a rectum.
Player, if I knew you were down I woulda started Winklevossin' your innards hours ago.
by Massive Sigh July 25, 2011
verb. to complain vociferously that someone took your idea when, in fact, they simply thought logically and executed faster than you.
Dude. Shut up and stop being a Winklevoss. You were more interested in driving to the Wal-Mart to buy Twinkies
by pedro kay April 11, 2011
To have one's idea stolen and capitalized upon to great success.
I winklevossed Herlihy by posting this first.

Blankenburg will winklevoss you if you don't publish that now.
by Walshman2000 July 21, 2011
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