A way of defining various types of sexual partners, or practices one has enjoyed. Most commonly associated with Motorcycle Clubs (although possibly a hoax), these are 'Badges of Honour" amongst (male) members.

Bloke 1 "You won't believe what Wings I was awarded last night!!)

Bloke #2 "What now, you sick bastard?"

Bloke #1 "Black, Broken and Silver!!"

Bloke #2 "You are going straight to Hell!!"
The Wings System includes the following definitions, there are many others.........

Pink Wings - Sex with a White girl
Black Wings - Sex with a Black girl
White Wings - Sex with a Virgin
Brown Wings - Anal sex
Yellow Wings - Sex with an Oriental girl
Red Wings - Sex with a girl on her period
Grey Wings - Sex with an woman over 50
Broken (or Orange) Wings - Sex with a disabled girl
Golden Wings - Sex involving urination, or 'Golden Showers'
Water Wings - Sex involving 'squirting' or female ejaculation
Green Wings - Sex with a person who has an STD
Purple Wings - Sex with a pregnant girl
Knife Wings - Sex with a friend's girlfriend
Blue Wings - Sex with a corpse
Technicolour Wings - Sex involving a combination of any of the above ie. Sex with a Black, disabled girl on her period
by Negrophiliac March 23, 2011
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The wings earned with many different sexual achievements

1) White Wings - Having sex with a virgin
2) Red Wings - Eating out a girl on her period
3) Brown Wings - Having anal sex
4) Blue Wings - Having sex underwater
5) Silver Wings - Sex with a woman your mothers age
6) Grey Wings - Sex with a woman with grandchildren
7) Gold Wings - When the first golden shower is received
8) Black Wings - Having sex with a widow
9) Knife Wings - Having sex with your friends girlfriend
10) Purple Wings - Have sex with a pregnant woman
Example of the Wings System

1) Dude I took ____'s virginity!

2) Is my face still red? I just got my red wings.....
3) Dude, getting my brown wings was fun, but when I pulled out.....ew
4) Dog, I fucked her in the neighbors pool!

5) Man, my moms friend was so hot, i couldnt resist, my silver wings were awaiting me
6) She was too young looking to be a grandma. I guess I just got my grey wings then
7) Man, I got pissed on. Gold wings arent as fun as I thought
8) After her husband died, she was single and I had to "comfort her"
9) My homie is gonna be so pissed when he finds out I fucked his girl!!
10) Dude, purple wings while she was 7 months in. *high-five
by Swagteam4life November 04, 2011

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