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A phrase used to describe something that is tubular, and not at all erroneous.
Dude, my cock is like a wingless pterodactyl.

Suzy, did you hear the Kazakhstani anthem?
Its for licking, fuck yea
Dude, your right, you truly are a wingless pterodactyl.
by tangofandango October 08, 2009
A sexual act which involves fucking a girl in every hole possible. This includes vagina, anus, urethra, nose, ear, skin pores, etc.
Joanne: What's wrong Sherry
Sherry: I got a wingless pterodactyl by Mike
Joanne: I cant ell your bleeding from your face
Sherry: I know
Joanne: Yep
by The Brope June 24, 2011
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