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used boy rude boys.. meaning wing out, leg it. run away, chip out.
oi blud wing out the fedz are coming.
by DJ Hazard - David November 02, 2004
verb.- the act of converting an automobiles doors to the vertically opening mechanism (i.e. DeLorean).

adj.- description of an automobiles doors that open vertically.
verb.- "For that price I'll take an old muscle car and "wing out" the doors."

adj.- "Yo, did you see that GTO with the wing(s) out?"
by idareyoutochoke April 13, 2010
When someone expierences a bad crash off a hard drug.

When someone gets delusional, or paranoid the morning after taking a drug such as Ecstasy.
Wing Out
" Dude Im fucking winging out from that E"

" No fucking shit"
by pillheadme January 26, 2009
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