When you skeet on a girls face and then slap it off, rubbing it into her pores in the process.
- That girl needs me to giver her a windshield wiper.
- Paris Hilton has had her windshield wiped many times.
by Ryan Staples June 03, 2006
Windshield Wiper: When a guy blows a load on someone's face and smacks his dick back and fourth across their face to wipe off his ejaculatories. Much like the windshield wipers of a car.
Some Slut, "you can only give me a money shot if you promise to windshield wipe it off."

Windshield Wiper Guy, "Bitch please, I was gunna bust my nut in your face anyway bitch."
by The Muffin Man May 07, 2004
When a woman is wearing glasses while giving you oral pleasure, she pulls your member out of her hot mouth and begins wiping it back and forth across her spectacles while you "NUT" joyously. Thus immitating the windshield wash and wiping actions.
Dude, tom and suzie were doing 69 when she gave herself the windshield wiper.
by Logan Bishop February 11, 2008
The technique used to test if a girl is, how you say, shaved or not; the process by which you start touching a girls stomach and then quickly swing a finger below her her belt and swoosh it back up (in a windshield wiper movement) before she can tell you you are being too forward.
On a first date I used the windshield wiper to find out what i really wanted to know about her. She had a jungle down there!
by ABC Maryland April 18, 2006
blowing a load on a girl's face, then taking your manhood and using it as a wiper blade to smear it all over her face.
when that ho was done blowing me i gave her the "windshield wiper".
by supercron78 October 21, 2003
The fat on top of your bicep that acts like a squeegee to wipe away sweat on your face!
John wiped away the sweat off his face with his windshield wiper!
by midgetpound3r January 31, 2010
When a man jizzes on the front of a girl's vagina and grabs his penis by the stem, wiping the semen back and forth and increasing the possibility of unwanted insemination.
"Man, I turned the windshield wiper on full blast after I spunked on her vag."
by C-Bass Clemens September 26, 2009

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