Windows 2000 after a facelift. The Professional variant is a decent, robust OS with very few nagging points (provided that you disable all of the extraneous garbage and useless services). The Home Edition variant, however, is crippleware aimed solely at the computer illiterate soccor mom who couldn't tell a mouse from her studded leather dildo; contrary to popular belief, it is crash-prone and becomes very unstable when running more than 2 applications at once. It's "Luna" theme, by the way, is a laughable ripoff of Apple's "Aqua" design theme that is nowhere near being as elegant and intuitive.

I don't like Macs very much, but I'd take OSX's svelt brushed metal and blue orb design over Windows XP's clunky blue-and-red coloring book design ANY day.
Windows XP Professional - A worthy successor of Windows 2000
Windows XP Home Edition - Dumbed-down bullshit OS that puts the Win2K kernel to shame. Is only marginally more stable than Windows ME, and just as worthless.
by Ninja Disaster July 08, 2003
A computer operating system (OS) designed by Microsoft. The Proffessional version is a lot better then the Home edition, which is still okay. It is user friendly and only crashes on occasion, usually due to user error. If you don't know how to build a computer or write a program, use Windows XP. If you do, use Linux.
Linux User: I know how to build computers, write applications, and just about everything else to do with computers. Windows XP is to user friendly, it sucks!
Windows XP User: You know what, I don't know how to do any of that. I'm using Windows XP.
by Shortyafter January 01, 2005
the best Os yet by microsoft, but there alot of compatibility issues with older programs, other than that it is sick. with remote desktop in xp pro i can be in school and listen to my mp3s.
xp wont last as soon as long horn is released
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
An operating system known for its revolutionary ability to restart its OS shell and most of its services automatically and almost imperceptibly - without user's awareness and intervention, thus giving an appearence of being much more stable then its predecessors. Has to be installed with network cable plugged out, otherwise gets infected by all sorts of digital microorganisms even before its first run. Tries to connect to obscure destinations about 12 times during install process. Good for consumer-type individuals and large corporations where initial laziness well evolved into symbiosis of corruption and incompetence.
Wow - it's another patch tuesday! Let's go crazy and patch all our Windows XP production servers first!
by solenoid February 01, 2006
One of the rare operating systems which is able to stay on and not crash!
"Dude, my XP box never crashes!"
"Dude, 2K boxes don't crash as well ya know."
"Dude, I have XP Pro, that pwns."
"Dude, thank god you don't have home edition."
by Soiled Undergarment August 07, 2003
The best damn operating system ever made, except maybe Windows 2000. So good, that people are still using it even after 9 years (an eternity in computer time) despite the fact Microsoft came out with two more Operating Systems since then.
You can tell someone is a jealous mac/linux fanboy by the way they bash Windows XP.
by CommandoDude September 25, 2010
Windows XP is the latest operating system published by Microsoft Corp. America. It is an accronym for 'Xtreme Performance' and incorporates a wide sense of user friendliness and professional usage capability. Codenamed Whistler after a certain hotel, it is estimated to have captivated over 95% of all computer companies, thus rendering itself the monopolistically dominant computer operating system in the world. Its predecessor is Windows NT, and its successor is said to be Windows Vista Codename: Longhorn, surfacing in 2006.
Windows XP is the most popular operating system in the known world.
by aabeba September 06, 2005
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