A Veriation of windows 98 without Dos.

An Abomination that even microsoft wont acknowledge exists.
Windows ME? what are you stupid?
by theJackal July 28, 2004
If you thought Windows Vista was bad...

Meet its deadbeat, alcoholic, domestically abusive, child-support-dodging father: Windows ME.

Known Aliases:

Windows Mistake Edition
Windows Miscarriage Edition
Windows Motherfucking Embarrassment
Windows Migraine Experiment
Windows Misunderestimated Errors
Windows Menopausal Extravaganza
Windows Marijuana Exhibition
Windows Momentarily Expendable
Windows Major Emergency
Windows May Explode
Windows MEH
Windows Memorably Epileptic
Windows Mimicked Evangelists
Windows Mysterious Entity

Windows Manufactured Estrogen
Windows Metaphorical Mother-in-Law
Goddamn, were Microsoft's programmers smoking PCP when they coded Windows ME?

Windows ME makes my calculator feel proud.

Who the fuck, in their right mind, would use Windows ME?
I wish I could get Windows 2000 but unfortunately I am stuck with this crappy OS until further notice.
Action: MSN Messenger is currently unavailable.
Reaction: Crash

Action: Internet Explorer as caused an error.
Reaction: Freeze everything. Crash

Action: Windows ME starts up
Reaction: Crash

Action: Hit 'Enter' key
Reaction: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Error. Blue Screen. Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Screen turns black. Crash.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 20, 2003
Crap os that i have unfortunately got install on my pc. The ME part is an abbreviation of many errors
RRRRGH Windows ME crashed again i wish i had XP any donations send to.......(deleted)
by ben December 14, 2003
A 32/16-bit OS created by Microsoft in 2000.It was the final version of Windows to be based on what was then the 20 year old DOS operating system.ME had better multimedia support then it's sibling,Windows 2000,but had horrible driver support.ME also was also fairly unstable.In fact,it's well-known instability inspired a Japanese internet meme:ME-Tan.
Windows ME was mostly BSOD after BSOD,but at least it played my video files.
by weliketopartyinmypants April 14, 2006
The worst OS ever in the past 5 years. Even Apple II was more stable. Please, WinME users, do yourselves a favor and get Windows 2000 Professional
Hello, I--*crash*
by dj gs68 July 07, 2003
Windows Mass Error. Windows ME is an OS directed towards consumers that was released in 2000. It looks like Windows 2000 on the outside, but on the inside it's full of more bugs than a beehive.
Windows ME user: lol windos me iz teh ro><or
Windows XP user: No it isn't.
Windows ME user: u r rong
Windows XP user: Here, lemme install Windows XP for you.
Windows ME user (now a Windows XP user): Wow, this is a lot better than Windows ME! Now I feel dumb for not upgrading.
by GastonRabbit July 11, 2004
This could be the.....*Crash*
*reboots* Now as I was saying....*Crash*

*reboots* Just let me!----*crash*

*reboots and see's bill gates face on screen* "Now, we can't have you running around telling everybody about our crap i found in a dumpster"
Oh no..a WINDOWS ME...

see shit
by Ares Lathe November 18, 2004
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