Windows Mass Error. Windows ME is an OS directed towards consumers that was released in 2000. It looks like Windows 2000 on the outside, but on the inside it's full of more bugs than a beehive.
Windows ME user: lol windos me iz teh ro><or
Windows XP user: No it isn't.
Windows ME user: u r rong
Windows XP user: Here, lemme install Windows XP for you.
Windows ME user (now a Windows XP user): Wow, this is a lot better than Windows ME! Now I feel dumb for not upgrading.
by GastonRabbit July 11, 2004
A Veriation of windows 98 without Dos.

An Abomination that even microsoft wont acknowledge exists.
Windows ME? what are you stupid?
by theJackal July 28, 2004
A beverage coaster in a box.
Please don't set that drink on my desk without a Windows ME under it.
by ImQuasar April 01, 2009
Windows Massive Errors. You can Usually Find Windows ME in the toilet about 8 hours after you eat. Please Upgrade to Windows 2000 Pro. or Windows XP. Windows 2000 is the Most Stable OS Ever i think.
Wife: Honney, I think our Computer got a Virus
Husband: No, Thats Just Windows ME. I Put it in This Morning
by Michael Lippa December 19, 2005
Windows ME is a viruse that mysteriously appeared from another planet. This alien viruse made more viruses.

Windows ME hatched from the gaping anus of Microsoft Labs. Microsoft labs makes some interesting viruses. They made Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000 (which was a very similar viruse indeed) In fact Windows 95 and 98 and ME they are all inbred brother's and sisters. That's why they are so dumb, and make bad things happen to our poor friend Mr computer.
"I'm sorry to inform you...But you have Windows ME"
"Windows ME is in all my nightmares, I can't escape it"
"Can't sleep, Windows ME will eat me, and my chocolate ice cream"
by clueless_furball November 18, 2006
A version of Windows in the 9x line, designed to supersede Windows 98 in the home market. Windows ME ran on a cut-down DOS base, which made some programs that worked with DOS, 95, and 98 unusable on ME. Windows ME is known for having many bugs and is often (and derogitoraly) called "Windows Mistake Edition", as opposed to its official title of "Windows Millenium Edition".
I have an old computer that I installed Windows ME on, but it won't boot up.
by scy1192 September 28, 2008
The worst Piece of shit Bill gates ever made.
The only thing it is good for is playing Worms armageddon Made by Team 17

See pos,shitbox or Many Errors
I love playing Worms Armageddon, but this computer sucks at anything else i try to do.

Fuckin Blue screen!
Worthless Windows ME POS!
This operating system resembles a piece of horse crap more than an actual operating system. It lasts about as long as a bridge made of matchsticks and held together by Elmers Glue before it crashes. Sure it's nice to look at, but so is a Mercedes-Benz with Yugo parts running it. I'm sorry I can't give a detailed review of Windows ME - my copy crashed after just three days.
Operating systems I've had:

2007 - Present
Windows Vista
Lifespan: 2 1/2 years, no crashes, minor problems from time to time

2005 - 2007
Windows XP
Lifespan: 2 years, no crashes, computer still in operating condition as of 2010
Fate of computer: Partially Retired

2004 - 2005
Windows XP
Lifespan: 1 year, 10 months, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

2002 - 2004
Windows ?? (not ME)
Lifespan: 1 year+, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

December 25, 2002 - December 28, 2002
Windows ME
Lifespan: 3 days
Fate of computer: Crashed, inoperable after crash of 12/28/2002

Thank you Windows ME for giving me a perspective on what a crappy, poorly working operating system feels like
by hoyclan June 07, 2010

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