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A triple boot PC, booting Microsoft(c) Windows(tm), Apple osx system & Linux! WinApUx can be the entire computer, the computer's boot configuration, or the user of such a computer... WinApUx on the Apple Mac is achieved through a program called Bootcamp, currently in beta as of this writting. WinApUx on an IBM PC compatible (wintel box) is accomplished with the standard tweaker tools plus a de-tpm'd copy of osx!
What was the link to that WinApUx web site?

d00d, that box has been seriously WinApUxed!

I can help you set it up, I've been a WinApUxer for ages.

Why don't this computer work any more? Some newbie was WinApUxing on it...
by LZW2006 April 20, 2006
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