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A triple boot PC, booting Microsoft(c) Windows(tm), Apple osx system & Linux! WinApUx can be the entire computer, the computer's boot configuration, or the user of such a computer... WinApUx on the Apple Mac is achieved through a program called Bootcamp, currently in beta as of this writting. WinApUx on an IBM PC compatible (wintel box) is accomplished with the standard tweaker tools plus a de-tpm'd copy of osx!
What was the link to that WinApUx web site?

d00d, that box has been seriously WinApUxed!

I can help you set it up, I've been a WinApUxer for ages.

Why don't this computer work any more? Some newbie was WinApUxing on it...
by LZW2006 April 20, 2006
I Make Up Fake Urban Dictionary Entries
Dude, check out my latest imufude!
by LZW2006 April 13, 2006
A resident of Amexica, which is a virtaul nation created by blending together America and Mexico. Not everyone qualifies to be Amexican... You must be a Mexican drug smuggler, Mexican job stealer, Mexican welfare case, or other illegal Mexican migrant, or an American that lives in part of America invaded by Mexicans, an American that employs Mexicans, or an American politician/bureaucrat that helps Mexico invade America!
Hey pedro, Mexico sucks!
So, we are Mexicans! What can we do about it?
Lets go jump the border and become Amexicans!
by LZW2006 April 21, 2006
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a chip on a computer board or in a notebook that is commonly made by Infineon and is used to make the computer Trusted Computer Group compliant! The small chip holds data encryption keys that are said to be used for computer security... Although many believe otherwise!

The commonly accepted use of it is Digital Rights Management (DRM) and it is used to give content providers administrator rights to your file system similar to the way a rootkit trojan does!

In it's development, TPM had also been known as Palladium and "Fritz chip" but they rename it everytime it recieves negative press reviews so when people buy a product that contains TPM, it's just more technical jargon on the box that no one knows about!

TPM has been in ibm thinkpads for a long time now and it is in apple computers aswell as many others! The consortium that makes up the Trusted Group consists of most large companies in the computer industry, including microsoft and intel...

The "public key" inside the tpm can also be used to uniquely identify a computer (much like intels failed cpu id scheme from years ago) and this is seen by many as Big Brother inside of the computer tracking and snooping on everything you do! Like the pentium2 id feature, this can be disabled in computers that have it today since the feature is gaining acceptance so slowly, it is relatively useless! Yet legislation has already been drafted to make it a crime to either manufacture, possess or use a non-compliant computer with no TPM!
"My computer is so awesome it does everything! It even has TPM security!"

A skeptical onlooker asks: "If TPM is such great security, how did some teenagers on the web crack it to allow OSX to install on any computer after apple used it for protection?"

Here come the apple lawyers... "OK pal, that's DMCA violation! You're going to jail."
by LZW2006 April 26, 2006

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