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A guy who is extremely confident and outgoing around people. These characteristics make it so extremely hot babes flock to him like Bill Walton flocks to Grateful Dead music. However, a Wim will not make a move on these babes, because he is afraid of them.
Wims take away all of the attention from the rest of the guys in the room, so generally other boys don't like them.
Bro #1: "Dude that guy is pulling a big time Wim."
Bro #2: "Yea bro, if he is going to steal all of the girls, he might as well do something with them. That's like stealing the Mona Lisa and not even looking at it."
Bro #1: "Shit man."
by Go UCLA December 04, 2007
(Acronym) - Statement - usually used text messaging to mean "Wheels in Motion". With the ever growing concern with texting and driving, phrases became simply letters - (eg... "LOL" = Laugh Out Loud") - Commonly used just as the car is put in gear and headed to a meeting point.
"Let me know when you are headed this way"
------"Kewl. I'll text you 'wim'"
(then.... when they are about to drive)

by Find the Good April 09, 2015
Wim.....a "wet inducing memory" - the female equivalent of a male "wank bank".
She looked across the bar at the sexy rugby player, sweaty and muddy after a hard game - she stored the image for use later when she masturbated....calling up her wim when she closed her eyes....
by HA Pussy Cat March 03, 2011
wim - verb - the act of loving someone to the point where you can't put it in words or numbers.

If wim had to be described, the closest thing to it would be

<3 x 1 million (that is 1 million hearts).
Person 1 : Man, have you met Sydney?
Person 2: Yea, I have. She is really amazing and I think I wim her!
by Jesus? January 19, 2006
little girl
random guy 1: haha look at that little girl!
random guy 2: haha what a wim!
by batseklatser January 11, 2011
WIM stands for "woe is me." The abbreviated form of WIM is used online only. The phrase is used to convey to someone that you are sad, upset, and/or are in a rough spot. "Woe is me" is a somewhat archaic phrase, but it is quite useful. Use it if FML (fuck my life) is just too strong for your situation.
Girl 1: "I dropped my phone into the toilet."
Girl 2: "Really? That sucks!"
Girl 1: "Yeah, and I had just taken a crap."
Girl 2: "OMG!"
Girl 1: "Yeah. WIM. ;*("
by BethanyGM February 08, 2010
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