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A person of caucasion descent. A person with "ROUND" eye. As opposed to Asians who have "SLANTY" eye. Often used by hispanics to mess with white people who are already uncomfortable around minorities.
Que pasa wilo?
by lazyMexcan February 13, 2009
One who carries STDs.
Yo, that Mario Cerda sleeps around.
Yeah, he's a wilo!
by Pugilist32 December 06, 2009
spanish Verb that describes a slutty person
omg Yayis! look at that guy, he's a wilo! he's got a GF and is trying to date you!
by pepo August 26, 2006
short for why though
Crack Cook #1: The crack was bout to burn so i had to take the pan off the stove.

Crack Cook #2: Wilo would you put it on top of my oak countertops, silly ass nigga.
by triggafinga May 02, 2007

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