s.pl. testicles. diminuitive. derived from pussy willows.
I rode my bike twenty miles yesterday and now my poor willows are in a bad way.
by indalomena November 27, 2006
The most intelligent, funniest, best looking and modest guy in the world
Willow is a fucking champion
by willow September 27, 2003
When a woman's fiance has died before they had the chance to marry. When a man's fiancee has died before they had a chance to marry, he becomes her willower. Just like the tree, the fiance as departed from this world, the willow or willower STILL weeps even like those who have married.
Poor girl, her fiance has died and they had just set a date for the wedding. I guess that makers her his willow, then...
by Lady Byron October 21, 2010
v.tr to erupt with fury and attack anyone close by. Reference to infamous dwarf-flick. esp. little inferior types. Napoleon syndrome.
Finan threw a willow on me after i threw him down a flight of stairs.
by eric la salle April 03, 2005
derived from the word pussy-willow, this is a discreet hoodrat way of saying pussy without actually saying it, it originated from Gary, IN, created by its most beloved citizen
Yo Deshawn, las night me and some otha niggaz was stuntin at da club and i took this bitch back...i split that willow in half nigga
by twizziemynizzie April 01, 2010
His name is derived from “Pussy Willow”, a deciduous North American shrub or small tree(Salix discolor) having large silky catkins. Willow is a Mongolian warrior that resides in an area named Arcadia, located somewhere in the vicinity of the great San Gabriel Valley. He is known to yell out “Rainbow” when charging into the field during battle. He is often seen hanging out with those of intelligence much greater than his.
Instead of using the word "feather", Willow would describe a bird as being covered by "bird hair".
by Danger Fag October 19, 2005
Willows is slang for cum/jizz. It's seen in the snoop song "pimp anthem"
"dripping willows on satin pillows"
by Miles February 16, 2005
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