A man's cock.
(phone ring) Ring! Ring!


Hey dude whats up?

"Hey man uh, can i call you back.. I'm beating my Willard."

Oh my gosh man seriously, i just did before i called you!
by HIPPOMAN3000 March 12, 2010
A corporate moron who sports several tattoos. Most likely a victim of banjo playing hill folk who were related long before they exchanged vows. Distinguishing characteristics include mongolian facial features, empty stare, excessive drooling and constantly soiling themselves.
Remember that Willard that looked like a worn out shoe and had the IQ of the shit he was sitting in?
by Glen Wales May 26, 2005
A kick ass kid with red hair. Often skilled in Video Games, Martial Arts, and a pro at handling Green.
Person A "Fucking gingers are errywhere!"
Person B "Nah dude, he's a Willard"
by Mr. Ronnie January 08, 2009

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