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The term "Wildercon" was first used/invented by Scout Leader Ryan Gillies, as a combination of the words "Wilderness" and "Convention", to describe his dream of a camp-out festival/weekend summer camp for young people celebrating modern Japanse culture (and other related collectibles and memorabilia). It was later legally registered as a Trademark under the name of Ryan Gillies' close friend, Yaz Jung due to internal re-structuring of it's founding committee. The convention consistently drew people in the hundreds in 2003 and 2004, following which, it's creators and owners Ryan & Yaz placed the convention on hiatus.
"Wildercon is the first Wilderness Convention."

by Wilderconfan March 07, 2007
The very first camping anime convention - hosted in cosgrove in the UK. Started life as an idea in 2003 and gained momentum. Is currently the best convention experience there is. Wildercon is known for:

Shooting people with waterguns

Wildercon 03 -
Event created, around 150 atendees. Most got drunk. All had a great time.

Wildercon 04 -
Second event, much bigger and much more organised. Inclusion of Yaz as comittee member to scare people. Hardcore.
Ziggy got battered at wildercon!
by bob April 20, 2004
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