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Someone who looks like they got stuck in the forest for a century and look nasty, stanky and grimey as hell.
That dude look so nasty like a damn wilderbeast.
by Esbeezo September 24, 2008
an overweight woman, the bigger the better
Did you see the wilderbeast Jay brought home last night? That bitch was HUGE!
by GDMFD October 07, 2011
A stupid person way of spelling Wildebeest
Are there wilderbeasts in Africa? No, there are wildebeests in Africa.
by Sanstus February 11, 2015
A rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, who strikingly resemble someone stuck in a forest for a century (see above).
When in the presence of alcohol the 4 members have been known to become aggressive and immature, possibly resulting in ejection from a live music venue.
Guy 1: Hey dude you goin to see Wilderbeast on the weekend?

Guy2: Hell no! They're a bunch of Ass Banshees

Guy3: Yeah, you're right. Let's sit in a gutter drinking goon instead.

ass bansheegoon
by timzep March 14, 2011
A big doppleganging Salvatore that acts like he is all that on the football field, when in fact it is a front. This type of person is a total shmuck and though he acts like a womanizer, he really loves to kiss guys. Be careful when around the wilderbeast because he is the type that drops the soap in the shower then tries for the reacharound. Also known in the greek as a peterpumper. They can in fact eat the meat without spitting out the bone.
Noce thinks hes fooling us, but he's just a big peterpumping wilderbeast.
by missionman February 13, 2010
A certain creature that bites at his/her own shoulders, and grooms often. Gets extremely bored at times and acts extremely oddly.

This creature is mainly spotted prancing it's hoofs in Germany.

CAUTION: Acts metrosexually
That wilderbeast is crazy, it has a golf club with a shoe on it!
by kohya August 02, 2005
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