Top Definition
AKA Superman
FLawless hell of a Male

Your lucky if he's in your presences
very cool dude
Girl : damn he must be a wilbert
by baniz_loko October 24, 2011
A sexi fly ass nigga from Oakland
Look at that wilbert over there
by Jessica Jackson January 13, 2004
one's penis or genial area
let's play with his wilbert!

my wilbert is sore!
by yeahdfrg45y4t6 June 20, 2005
When a straight heterosexual male accidentally sticks his thumb up another man's rectum, purely by mistake. Usually occurs in male community showers at gyms or prisons/correctional facilities and dark rooms.
As I entered the dark room, I slipped and fell on Greg's bed, accidentally giving him a wilbert.

As the doctor was checking my cheeks, he accidentally gave me a wilbert.
by Jim Bobbbb May 05, 2008

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