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A person, whose source of knowledge is solely based on Wikipedia. They imitate being an intellectual by heavily citing that site.
That guy is a pseudo-intellectual. a wikilectual only.
by comrade pussy June 24, 2010
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A person who can barely pass off borderline correct Wikipedia quotes, facts and figures, as legitimate and original research or knowledge. Wikilectuals often can be found out by asking for real, exact details about a particular item. Or, when approached about any subject with no Wikipedia article, they claim that "there is no current research" about said specification.
Ex 1:

Wikilectual student-Pandas are technically carnivores, since they have carnivorous genes and a carnivorous digestive system. However its diet consists of almost exclusively bamboo.

Teacher who knows about Pandas- Very interesting, tell me of its taxonomic classification and if that is too hard, tell me why they are exclusive bamboo eaters.

Wikilectual- uhhhh... Pandas are fat.

Ex 2

Walt- Hey man, could you tell me where in Vienna I can get some good Wienerschitzel?

Wikilectual- There is no current research.

Walt- Dude it was a rhetorical question, do I look like a tourist to... wait. Are you a wikilectual?

Ex. 3

Conner- Cara is such a wikilectual, the teacher should make her write about something with specifically no wikipedia about it. Then lets see her get an A.
by NinjaSudoku May 23, 2010
A person who forgoes actual education and learning and instead Wikipedias or Googles everything on his or her Droid or iPhone in order to show how quick, smart, and resourceful he or she is. These people may be found by asking "Who was that guy who played the French cop in 'Casablanca?'" or "How many times per second do hummingbirds flap their wings?"
England is like, so old. It's like totally been around forever.

Hold on...1066 is when William the conqueror attacked and eventually conquered England. I just Wiki'd it.

OMG, you are such a Wikilectual. You don't even have a GED
by TimmG February 09, 2011

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