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When someone close to you reveals a big insider secret to others.
Adam: Yo Bruce, Jennifer just wikileaked to your girlfriend about that blonde you made out with at the club two nights ago.

by nightnight7 December 21, 2010
2 27
Adjective: To make publicly known via "WikiLeaks.com" information, whether vlassified or uncladsified in nature, intended for governmental organizations, departments or agents.

;more generally, to make something publically know which is private in nature and was meant to be kept secret by a third party. .
"USA diplomatic policy, this time on Iran, has again been Wikileaked"
by insertnamehererichard December 04, 2010
62 2
When information has been released without the owner giving permission.
My phone number was wikileaked onto the internet, now everyone is crank calling me.
by rnax December 06, 2010
56 7
When a ,once, well kept secret gets spilled to a large number of people.
Taylor- yo where the hell is Britney?, haven't seen her since that kegger.

Lily-that bitch bailed since the story about her blowing our gym teacher in the 5th grade got wiki leaked.
by GoNadzz December 05, 2010
6 3
when you post something on facebook or a blog that someone said and/or did that you don't like so that THE ENTIRE WORLD knows
yeah, but i totally wikileaked her ass and posted that clip of her puking and shouting racial slurs...so i win in the end
by tallscience December 01, 2010
5 44